4 Device Hygiene Tips


We’ve come a long way in a short time with technological advancement, but unfortunately as we come to use devices like smartphones in more and more facets of our lives, we’re starting to lag when it comes to their associated hygiene, perhaps because it’s not something that has been ingrained in our upbringings.

We can however associate it with other items, for example you wouldn’t pick up your wallet or purse and gladly put it near your mouth, but you’d have no qualms about doing that very thing with your phone which has often been in the same dirty positions. You hopefully wash your hands regularly, but how often do you wash your phone, the most intimate of devices?

If you’re ashamed to answer that question, even in your head, then read on.

Get Yourself a Keyboard Condom



No Fly Zone

Ever since phones have become smart they have wheedled their way into aspects of our life that were traditionally phoneless. For some they have become a necessity for every possible act throughout the day, including using them in places they shouldn’t, such as taking them into the bathroom. All so they don’t lose a moment of their precious time which could be dedicated towards their angry birds addiction, which is what it must be if they’re willing to go to these lengths to play it.

Solution: Start playing announcements like we hear at the start of flights, but in restrooms and other unclean areas, telling people to turn off all electronic devices until it’s safe to use them again. Still people will cheat like they do on flights, so fines will have to be brought in which will unfortunately bog the whole process down with legislature having to pass through parliament before we can see these bathroom mavericks exposed.

Cross Contamination

While it’s obvious that smartphones harbour bacteria and disease gathered from being put down on any service available so as to free up your hand for a well deserved high five; they are also carriers of their users bacteria and diseases. So if your friends passes you their phone so you can tell the Dominos driver exactly where in the hell unit 1513B is in the complex or they pass you their phone so you can watch a funny video that they’ve found on The Humour Server, don’t take it! Even if they look health, because trust me, there are funnier ways to catch herpes.

Solution: Let the Dominos driver figure it out for themselves, as it will be a good character building exercise. In the other instance just get your friend to send you the link to watch it on your own phone, as it only has diseases that you’ve already contracted.

Your Mouse is a Mollusc

Your mouse is more like a mollusc than you probably give it credit for. Over repetitive use by sticky, gritty, dirty hands, input interfaces slowly build up a protective coating, which is strange as they have no known predators, unless… wait a minute, we’re the ones who harm the devices, we’re the predators… Noooooo! Anyway, in the instance of computer input devices it’s not uncommon after repetitive use to get mouse grime that can become so thick that it forms an exoskeleton, so you can no longer touch the actual mouse underneath.

Solution: This can be remedied through a regular cleaning regime, much like you have for other items in contact with your body such as you clothes. So while your mouse is currently forever unclean, with a swipe of a wet wipe it doesn’t have to be.




Technology as Crockery

Eating at your computer may seem like a romantic meal for two, or at the very least as a time saving endeavour. If it’s the former then you need more help than this article can provide, but as to the latter, it won’t actually be saving you much time, once you take into account the hours wasted cleaning between the tiny gaps around the keys on your keyboard with an old toothbrush. So while your device may do a lot of things it doesn’t have very good crockery specifications, just check the box yourself if you don’t believe me.

When it comes to sitting at your computer having a meal, the keyboard invariably bears the brunt of the bread crumbs, tomato juices and excess exotic pickled condiments that drop down falling in between the keys. Now you might try to calmly pass this off to friends, family and co-workers as all part of your grand plan to start up a compost under there; and while your argument that it’s good for the environment might be valid, it’s still not good for you.

Solution: It’s pretty simple, don’t have meals at your computer! But if you can’t stop doing it, at least check out the video below for a product that can help.

Final word

While some of these argument might not sway you right now, organic advances in technology may give you the push. Case in point, the Samsung Galaxy 5 now comes with a fingerprint scanner, which can authorise PayPal transactions. Extrapolating from that it might not be too far into the future before phones start coming with DNA scanners for the next level of security. Then when you want to authorise your purchase of a hover-board on eBay, you won’t be able to get away with just touching your device, you may have to suck on it too!

So while it might be easy for you to dismiss the cleanliness of your device right now, how do you think you’ll feel once it starts going inside you.

If you feel that your device has just been through too much and can’t be decontaminated then check out the offerings in the SuperGeek Shop for a new device that you can now maintain to ISO 22000 standards.