5 Burning Questions on Remote Help


Just because you’re a shut-in who lives in an hermetically sealed house, doesn’t mean you can’t receive technical computer support. I’m not talking about a technician wearing a hazmat suit climbing over mountains of discarded pizza boxes to do it either. Remote help allows for a technician to access your computer via the internet and operate it as if they were sitting in front of your computer using your keyboard or mouse which is perfect for delivering quick PC repairs.

How Remote Help works?

How Remote Is It?

Originally designed to help recluses and evil geniuses who live in lairs on remote islands surrounded by treacherous shark infested waters, who no longer have I.T. departments due to redundancies brought on by efficiency expert’s findings in the mid 2000’s; remote access technology can allow access no matter where you are, so long as you can connect to the internet. If the problem you have is lack of internet connectivity you may have to call in a specialised team of computer technicians to assail your perilous Island, someone like the I.T.eam.

Is Remote Help Simple to Use?

In the 1950’s computers were so big that you could get inside one to fix it just by taking the side off and going for a leisurely stroll past the vacuum tubes the size of a bus. Over the years computers have become smaller, but technicians have tended to stay human sized. Unfortunately the technology to shrink people down to pilot tiny spaceships to get inside a computer to fix it, have not kept pace with component miniaturization.

This fact coupled with advances in computer diagnoses and repair through remote help has finally put the last nail in the coffin of tiny spaceship builders who had it too good for too long anyway. All it takes is to download a program which both you and the technician will run simultaneously and you’ll be able to watch as they move your mouse around and fix the issue. Kind of like riding a tandem bike; but remotely, not on an uncomfortable bicycle seat and you get to sit back with your feet up instead of pedaling. So in actuality closer to the polar opposite of riding a tandem bike.


Is Remote Help Cool?

Remote things are awesome. A TV remote means you never have to stand up again, while acting remote means you don’t have to worry about human feelings getting in the way of your everyday life. Objectively remote help isn’t as much fun as a remote controlled car or helicopter but it does share some similarities with unmanned aerial drones, with the added bonus that it is very unlikely innocent bystanders will be taken out while your pc is fixed. You can also trick dimwitted friends into thinking your computer is possessed, though you may also be able to trick them by claiming you’ve stolen their nose.

Is Remote Help Safe?

You probably wouldn’t have any qualms about letting a computer technician into your house when they turn up in their fancy branded van with a crisp polo shirt brandishing an insignia; but someone turning up in a bomby old car might raise suspicions. However when it comes to inviting someone remotely onto your computer it can be harder to evaluate them. They could be scammers trying to trick you into handing over access to your pictures of you wearing different types of headbands!

One option is to hire a private investigator who will be able to track the technician down, go through their trash, follow them for a few weeks to note their habits and get any dirt on them before agreeing to let them remotely fix your computer. If hiring a gumshoe is a bit out of your league, you could save money by just choosing a trusted reliable computer repair business to help you.