5 Reasons to Live in The Cloud


Even the most amateur of us computer users knows that condensation and data storage are enemies, yet somehow the ridiculous idea to name data servers after an ephemeral constantly transitioning state of water that could fall from the sky at any minute has stuck. Regardless of its name The Cloud can be quite beneficial and here are 5 reason why.

Reasons to Backup



Much like its namesake, the cloud will allow you to drift aimlessly through life while still being able to source your data at a moments notice. Basically a digital version of He-Man who calls down the power of information and word documents rather than the power of Grey Skull. Meaning even you, a literal vagabond, will still be able to access your digital bindle from anywhere in the world (that has internet, so under the sea you will still be better off with paper).



So long as you’re willing to agree to a 100 page user agreement without paying a team of lawyers thousands of dollars to go through the terms and conditions with a fine tooth comb, most cloud services can be obtained for free. However if you don’t like the idea of storing your data at the largesse of big business you can also pay for your own dedicated service relatively cheaply. SuperGeek have their own affordable packages here.



For anyone who already has their head in the clouds, cloud storage is the safest way to take care of your data. Unlike the name suggests the cloud is actually stored in a solid state in buildings on the ground using highly secure encryption technology and can be accessed using a program and a password. This is especially handy for people prone to losing things like thumb drives or briefcases, and as an added bonus by ridding yourself of the need for thumb drives or micro SD cards, you can save hundreds of dollars by not having to replace pants with holes in the pockets.



Okay so maybe you’re not famous or fabulously rich, but you can still create a legacy, even if it’s just a digital one. After your flesh has gone back into the earth, your data will live on forever, in all likelihood being used as a back story for an artificial intelligence. And who knows? When your descendants look through your cloud storage in future years, maybe your haiku about the cola wars will finally gain some appreciation.


Everyone has a hard time throwing things out, because who knows? One day you might need that broken table tennis racquet and you’d feel pretty silly if you’d binned it only 14 years beforehand. The problem is, it’s only a short drive down to crazy town, where your whole house smells like the cat pee you’ve obsessively hoarded for the last decade and some nice men from the council have arrived with a backhoe and a piece of paper authorising them to tear down the world’s second tallest mountain of broken pedestal fans you have on your driveway.

Thankfully, by storing all your information in the cloud, even the best psychiatrists won’t be able to tell that you’re an information hoarder, meaning you can keep your data with no social stigma attached. However when it comes to accessing your mountains of data, any rocking back and forth in the foetal position will still be a dead giveaway.