5 Tips to Build a Super Computer

Self-built Super Computer

If you often look at your computer with abject disgust because it takes a second more than you deem warranted to load Google. If you find your regular workload of programs renders your computer non-responsive leaving you with no option but to watch as your mouse moves across the screen one pixel at a time, as though through molasses. Or if it’s going to take the rest of your lifetime to sequence your DNA by which time the data will be useless.
… then you’re probably ready for the next step up, a supercomputer.

Tip 1 – Get Professional Help

While it’s admirable that you want to build a Super Computer, but unless you’ve done it before you may need help. Check out this video on how SuperGeek can help you build your own super computer.

Tip 2 – Buy Quality Parts

Sure you’ve got a couple of old computer laying around, but that isn’t the best place to start because a supercomputer is only as good as it’s weakest part, a lesson taught to us all by the Windows Experience Index. So consider this when buying components, because having a supercomputer with the processing power to predict the stock market isn’t going to do you any good if it keeps blue screening on you before you can even buy into the ice cream futures market.

Tip 3 – Plan it Out

Many newcomers foolishly start building their supercomputer in their bedroom only to run out of room as more and more motherboards are added in parallel. The desk is usually the first thing to go, followed quickly by the closet, until finally the bed is removed leaving you to try sleeping every night crammed into one of the larger computer cases you have.

Super Computer LAN Party!

Tip 4 – Set Limits

When dealing with Supercomputers there is the ever lurking danger that it may become sentient, sure that might seem great that you finally have a friend, but it’s too risky as it could easily destroy the world. So save humanity and join a book club or beekeeping society instead, if you don’t believe me check out The Matrix to see what can happen.

Tip 5 – Stay Motivated

Sure right now you’re keen as mustard to build a computer, but that can easily wane after months of trial and error. So keep motivated by making sure you have a few nefarious schemes already cooked up with which you plan to utilise the awesome computing power of your supercomputer. For starters this could be taking control of the world banking system, over-riding satellite communication systems or at the very least busting into your local library computer system to remove your late fees.

Create a Custom Computer

Any computer that SuperGeek make is going to be Super, so check out the SuperGeek Shop to customise your very own computer.