6 Things you Didn’t Know About SuperGeeks


SuperGeeks aren’t just regular geeks, through extensive training and years of experience problem solving computer issues, they have developed special skills to aid them in computer repair, see how you stack up against them.

SuperGeeks in the Wild

Fortunately the Discovery Channel filmed a short documentary on the majestic creature that is the SuperGeek.

Nervous System

We’re not talking how many times they go to the bathroom when they’re feeling skittish, a SuperGeek has such a strong affinity with technology that their nervous system extends outside of their body into surrounding electronics. It is both a strength and a weakness, as by simply dropping their smart phone, they can become almost paralysed with actual physical pain.


Through the years of computer repair SuperGeeks have developed a keen set of senses. They can hear and track a failing hard drive from over a 100 km away, sense minor fluctuations in the clock frequency of RAM by touch and can confirm a dodgy power supply merely by tasting it.

Self Confidence

When it comes to self confidence SuperGeeks are not like other geeks, they have so much technical confidence that it spills over into other aspects of their life, so much so that they relish the opportunity to make speeches at wedding, barter with merchants, and be nude life models for local art clubs.



SuperGeeks have a hive mind so are able to call upon the knowledge base of the entire pack through a wireless telepathic system known as Mind-Fi. Besides making them really good at pub trivia nights, it also means it’s never just one SuperGeek fixing your computer, it’s all of them.


SuperGeeks have evolved to the point where they draw energy directly from repairing broken computers. Given this they have also developed a mutually beneficial relationship with their prey’s human symbiods in which they will alert SuperGeeks via either telephony or email of their hosts pc problems, thus quickly identifying good feeding.


With their insatiable appetite for broken computers, SuperGeek roam far and wide in search of sustenance throughout Metropolitan areas in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast. In order to quench their enormous appetite they are constantly on the move, relying on their van’s GPS to find prey, and their fully stocked parts to maximise their ability to quickly feed.

Inspect One For Yourself

Fortunately due to their vans, SuperGeeks are very mobile, so if you have a computer problem or need a nude model for a drawing class then book a SuperGeek to come to your home or office today so you can marvel at them in person.