The iPhone 7: Is It Worth It?

Earlier this month, Apple unveiled the iPhone 7. This new gadget has made several promises in terms of upgrades over the iPhone 6S: camera improvements, better battery life (on average a bit less than two hours more than the iPhone 6S) and crisper audio. The pre-order season started on September 9th, and shipping starts from the 16th. Prices starts from $AU $1,079 (the 32GB version), and it is also available in 128GB ($1,229) or 256GB ($1,379) sizes.

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windows 10

Windows 10: A blend of Windows 7 and 8

windows 10

Microsoft recently revealed the latest version of its OS- Windows 10. With an aim to unify OS for tablets and PC’s because of the growing trend which involves people purchasing a tab along with a lightweight keyboard, Microsoft has made efforts to simplify a few complicated features of Windows 8. It has also introduced a few new features that include voice search, knows as “Cortana”. The “Start” menu is also back, and it functions like it used to in Windows 7. Let us have a look at the new features and updates in detail.

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The Perfect Geeky Christmas For Your Clients

Choosing the perfect gift to give your clients has many facets. It needs to be affordable, useful and easy to brand. Let’s be honest. The gift may be a thank you for their clientele and loyalty, but it is also an excuse to keep your brand at the top of their mind. So how do you make it work?

If your customers are the geeky types who love the latest technology you’ll probably be wondering what could be on their most wanted list that would match your budget. Believe it or not, there are many high-tech gifts that even hardcore geeks don’t have.
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Buying On eBay – The Insider Scoop To Nabbing That Item!


Buying on eBay is a whole different kettle of fish when you’re a pro.  Sure, there are great deals to be found on high quality products, and some shoppers simply enjoy the challenge of winning an auction.  There are, however plenty of insider tips and tricks to get the edge in an auction – it doesn’t just come down to luck.  The reason you missed that one plum item you were watching so closely?  It was probably snatched up by an eBay pro!  Here is the scoop to improve your chance of winning whilst ensuring you don’t lose out on quality when buying online.
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So, you’re raising a gamer!


What All Parents Need To Know About Video Gaming

In the twenty odd years that passed since you were a teen, the world changed. Gaming now means video games and online activities, not Monopoly on a Saturday night!

So, if you aren’t the type to settle in for an evening of Mortal Kombat, you probably aren’t familiar with the intricacies of gaming and, more importantly, the risks.

Surprisingly, it’s hard to get the right information on the dangers (and benefits) of gaming, so we thought we’d share!

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SuperGeek Springwood/Kuraby are a Finalist Again!

For the second year running SuperGeek Springwood/Kuraby are a finalist in the Quest Business Achiever Awards. We’d love to send out a big thank you to all our loyal customers who nominated and voted for us this year. We couldn’t get here without you all!

SuperGeek Springwood/Kuraby will now go through a tough judging process to make it across the line. We’ll find out in early August if we have won this year.

Our team members: Jeremy Thompson, Peta Thompson and Nate de Ridder


SuperGeek Live and Local 2012

Well another year has gone by and SuperGeek once again had an amazing time at the Logan Live and Local Expo this year.

The expo went over a four day period with the public days being Friday and Saturday. Have a look at where we parked this year!

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Phoney Phishing: Don’t Be a Victim to Cybercrime

Microsoft Phone Scam

Increased transparency and accessibility is a by-product of using the Internet and its services. We are exposed to more knowledge and information than ever before, and online transactions have become part and parcel of our lives.

But, along with that comes clear risks and some would see the opportunity to capitalize on those risks.
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Laptop or Desktop; That Is The Question

Laptop vs Desktop

Laptops are now more popular than desktop PCs in Australian homes.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said yesterday that 61% of Australian households owned at least one laptop computer in 2011, up from 38% just three years ago.

Desktop computers dropped from 60% of homes to 55% over that sameperiod.
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Server Solutions for Small Businesses

A wonderful and informative brochure from our team at SuperGeek Springwood/Kuraby.

SuperGeek Server Solutions for Small Business
SuperGeek Server Solutions for Small Business

Happy 20th Birthday Linux!

Last Thursday, Linux – the operating system – celebrated their 20th birthday. Linux was the first prominent software success of the open source method, though many other software development projects have since adopted it, most notably the other major components of the LAMP stack that now runs most of the world wide web.

SuperGeek found a great article on the history of Linux at The Inquirer – you can read it here.

The Origins of the PC; 30 Years Ago

Most people in the Western world walk around with a powerful computer in their pocket or purse, otherwise known as a smartphone. It’s not unusual to see someone clutching a legal pad-size gadget on aeroplane flights, such as an iPad, to read books. It’s nearly impossible to walk into a coffee shop without finding someone pecking away at a trim notebook computer, checking email and surfing the web.

Desktop computer with Dot-matrix printer

The lineage of all those devices, in one way or another, flows directly back to a press conference some 30 years ago. On 12 August 1981, IBM rented out a ballroom at the elegant Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York and introduced its landmark 5150 personal computer.
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Telstra Scam – Beware!

The following hoax has been confirmed by Telstra and the Victorian Police. Read below for one man’s account with the scam.

Got a call last night from an individual identifying himself as an Telstra Service technician who was conducting a test on our telephone lines. He stated that to complete the test I should touch nine (9), zero (0), hash (#) and then hang up. Luckily, I was suspicious and refused.

Upon contacting the telephone company, I was informed that by pushing 90#, you give the requesting individual full access to your telephone line, which allows them to place long distance telephone calls billed to your home phone number.

DO NOT press 90# for ANYONE.

Feel free to pass this information on to any friends, family or businesses.

Business Achiever Awards 2011 Finals

SuperGeek Springwood/Kuraby Makes The Finals of the Business Achiever Awards 2011

SuperGeek Springwood/Kuraby would love to thank all their customers for nominating them and voting them into the Finals of the Quest Community Newspapers Business Achiever Awards 2011.

SuperGeek Springwood / Kuraby makes the Finals of the Business Achiever Awards 2011

Jeremy and Peta say they are very humbled by the strong public support that placed SuperGeek Springwood/Kuraby into the Finalist category of ‘Specialty Retailer and Services’.

“We couldn’t do this without our fabulous team,” says Peta. “SuperGeek is about customer service and enhancing people’s lives through IT.”

The Logan Business Achiever Awards Gala is on Friday the 1st of July 2011, at the Logan Entertainment Centre.

If you need a SuperGeek call us on 13 43 35 (13 GEEK) or go to our job booking page on this website.

SuperGeek’s iPad Comp’ Winner is…

Congratulations to Kylie Hewitt, pictured with SuperGeek managing director, Mick DaveyCongratulations to Kylie Hewitt, pictured left with SuperGeek managing director, Mick Davey.

You can let go now, Mick 😉

Hyda Cable Covers – TV Cable Tidying

Another satisfied Hyda customer

Hyda Cable CoversHyda Cable Covers

Hyda Cable Covers partners with SuperGeek

Hyda Cable CoversSuperGeek has gained a corporate partner in Hyda Cable Covers. This simple yet amazing technology makes your messy cords and cables a thing of the past.

We will be putting up before and after shots as our customers use this excellent service.

Hyda Cable Covers

p: 0411 557787
f: 07 5574 5311

Logan Live and Local Expo

SuperGeek Live and Local ExpoAn absolutely fantastic time was had by all of the SuperGeek team that attended the Logan Live and Local Expo 2011 this weekend.

Over the three days of the Expo we had so much fun, met so many people and best of all, gave away a Computer System and a Playstation 3!

Our Springwood, Kuraby, Logan, Forestlake, Mt Gravatt, Springfield and Morningside SuperGeeks all worked together to make our presence and booth a stand out at the Expo. We also had some very generous donations and help from our corporate partners at Computer Empire, Trend Micro, Hyda Cable Covers and Thor Technologies.

Come on down!

We are at the Live & Local Expo at Logan Metro Sports Centre situated on Browns Plains Road this weekend.

Check out Peta’s video:

Madison Integrity

SuperGeek John from Morningside made an appearance on another blog yesterday.

Super J T

Madison Integrity is a boutique clothing store located opp the Hilton Hotel in Elizabeth street, Brisbane City.

Check out their website and blog here!

Madison Integrity
189 Elizabeth Street
Brisbane 4000
Ph: 07 300 30600