New iPhone 5 charging connector a jib for consumers

In 2009, the UN telecommunications agency called for a consistent mobile phone charging implementation by January 2012. The plan was aimed at reducing the waste and clutter associated with such a massive range of products all with different ports and connectors going to waste. All the major mobile phone manufacturers signed up for the initiative […]

Wireless Technology: How does it work?

One of the joys of getting new technology is the diminishing need for cords and wires. Wireless technologies are all based on the same idea, with a few small differences. Information is relayed wirelessly using from one point to another using various types of signals. Some communicate over large distances, while others over small distances. […]

Do You Use A Free App to Text?

Australians are increasingly using free apps to send text, picture and video messages and make calls – with savings over $100 in value a month for heavy texters – raising the question of whether telcos are becoming merely a “conduit” for smartphone makers and app designers. Apple will hurry this shift along this week with […]