How to get the best from your laptop battery

How to get the best from your laptop battery

One of the most irritating things about owning a laptop is digging around for your charger at the most inconvenient times. It’s just another item you have to carry around when you’re on the go. I always travel light, between school books, gym clothes and my laptop, there’s very little space, so conserving is key.

Here’s a few tips for conserving your laptop battery life, so you can get though an entire day without needing the charger on hand.

Lots of people with laptops simply close the screen and off they go. Your laptop may be conserving energy in sleep mode, but there’s really no use for it. When you think about it, most laptops and new ultrabooks boot so quickly, you can turn them on and off very quickly. It’s a behavior we have left over, when laptops took 10-30 seconds to start up. Save battery and shut down, unless you need to keep programs running when you’re not using them.

Adjust your brightness
Some laptops contain photosensitive sensors that adjust your screen’s brightness to the ambient light in the room, but most laptops don’t have this. In well lit offices or workspaces, turn down the brightness on your screen so that you’re not wasting battery life on lighting up your screen. It can add almost an extra hour to your battery life in some laptops.

Keep it cool
Higher temperatures can affect the operating efficiency, which means that as your laptop gets hot, it has to work harder to perform the same tasks at lower temperatures. Working harder means more heat, and it’s a big cycle of just getting warmer and warmer, so ventilation for your laptop is important. Make sure your laptop doesn’t have a case or protective cover that obstructs any ventilation areas. Sometimes it helps to slightly prop-up your laptop so the underside is exposed. This allows air to circulate and cool the computer, making it more efficient.

We hope this has been helpful, let us know about any tips or tricks you’ve heard to extend your battery life.

  1. Gina Lofaro says:

    One question I have concerns using the laptop on AC power. Whenever possible, I use my laptop (actually, an ultrabook) with the power cord plugged in. Does this affect the life of the battery? Should I instead use it on battery power and only charge it when power is depleted?


    • SuperGeek Marketing says:

      Hi Gina, yes it will definitely affect your battery in the long term. Most people with laptops do that these days but they were designed to be mobile devices so battery use would be important.
      Now with mobile phones and tablets being popular, the laptop really has been relegated down to a desktop in many cases.
      If you do use your laptop often as a mobile devices or travel lots, then I would recommend using the battery to exhaustion then recharging etc….
      If its only once and a while then its probably not worth the hassle.