iPhone 5 rumour roundup

An Apple product launch is like Christmas for the tech industry, it’s when everyone gets excited about technology and with the new iPhone only a few weeks away, fanboys and girls are eager for details.

The iPhone has been a triumph for Apple, who recently announced a record quarterly profit and won a long court battle over patent violations against Samsung. The recent victory in court saw nearly $1.05bn in fines for Samsung. It’s set to reshape the $200bn smartphone industry.

Despite the legal disputes, Apple continues to keep excitement around their product launches at fever pitch. The new iPhone is set for launch on the September 21st with techsperts around the globe leaking details. The new device boasts a bigger screen to compete with much larger heavy duty smartphones released by its main competitors, Samsung and HTC. It’s rumoured that the handset has NFC technology built in, which is much like the Visa payWave technology, it allows a touch-and-go payment method.

This is a big feature that the industry claims will take off with consumers in a big way. Apple revolutionised payment methods by introducing ‘one-click purchasing’ on their iTunes platform. It’s the cornerstone of iTunes’ success and Apple have nailed frictionless payment once, chances are they’ll do it again.

The next major change is rumoured to be the power cord. It’s much smaller and more compact, which makes sense, since iPhone syncing can be performed over Wifi, so there’s less need for a high capacity data and power cable. As a result, it’s rumoured the new charger port design will focus on supplying power to a larger battery.

As it stands, rumours and just rumours so we will all wait and see the products and services released on the 21st of next month. Have you heard any iPhone rumours? Let us know!