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Whether you need PC repairs or laptop computer repairs North St Marys or even computer support, computer technicians at SuperGeek can help you!

  • Mobile on-site computer and laptop repairs.
  • Computer maintenance and Support.
  • Computer part replacement on-site.
  • Friendly, efficient knowledgeable staff.
  • Trustworthy and honest.
    We really care about our customers.
  • Book online or call us on 134335
  • All work is quality guaranteed.
  • Convenient, efficient and affordable.

SuperGeek North St Marys, NSW 2760

North St Marys is a suburb in western Sydney, NSW, Australia. North St Marys is located 47 kilometres west of the Sydney central business district. Prior to European settlement, what is now North St Marys was home to the Gomerrigal-Tongarra people who spoke the Darug language. They lived a hunter-gatherer lifestyle governed by traditional laws, which had their origins in the Dreamtime. Their homes were bark huts called 'gunyahs'. They hunted kangaroos and emus for meat, and gathered yams, berries and other native plants. Little else is known of their customs and there are no known carvings or rock paintings in the area. By 1816, their numbers had been reduced by smallpox and clashes with the British settlers. The first land grant in the area was made in 1820 to Phillip Parker King, son of the Governor Phillip Gidley King. He named it Triangle Farm but did very little with the land and it remained largely vacant land until the 1940s when it was bought by the Commonwealth Government to house workers at the St Marys munitions factory. North St Marys is surrounded by Ropes Crossing, Tregear, Whalan, Mount Druitt, Oxley Park, and St Marys.  

Call 13GEEK for SuperGeek North St Marys

For fast service when you need a computer problem fixed, call 13GEEK (134335) now or complete the form on your right to ask about a computer problem you are having. You can chat to us online using LiveChat to the bottom-right of your screen or you can send us an enquiry via our contact page.

Whichever method you choose, we would be delighted to help you fix your computer issue.

SuperGeek technicians come to you at your home or office, we have no call out fees and our vans are fully stocked with whatever you may need… new ram, graphics cards, hard drives, software, and even brand new desktops or laptops.

On-site computer repair at home or business.

Our technicians are fully qualified and trained to help you resolve any computer or laptop problems. No call out fees, we offer the most experienced mobile computer technicians in North St Marys. Our SuperGeek computer repair service is super-convenient, super-efficient and very, very affordable.

Computer networking for home or business.

We can provide all the networking hardware, software, installation and training for home or personal networking of computer systems. This includes hard wiring, wireless and software installation. We can set up your router or modem for wireless networks and ensure your network is secure.

Laptop computer repairs

If your laptop computer is having problems, at SuperGeek all our laptop repairs are performed to the highest standards to ensure the future reliability of the machine. We use components from the best compatible brands such as: Toshiba, HP, Dell and Lenovo, Asus and Acer these can include laptop screens repairs and hard drive replacement.

Computer servicing, maintenance and support

We provides services for backup, software support and installation. In addition to hardware maintenance, internet security and firewalls, laptop and computer virus scans and removal, including malware and spyware. Troubleshooting hardware and software fixes.

Hard drive data and file recovery

SuperGeek can provide you with one of Australia’s most comprehensive data recovery services. We recover data from hard drives, laptops, MacBooks, iMacs and RAID systems. We can even recover the data from your android mobile phone or iPhone.

Software Installation and software problems

SuperGeek can help with productivity software such as Microsoft Office and email software installation and configuration. Operating Software such as Windows can be installed and configured to your needs. Our technicians can guide you through this as well as help fix your software problems

SuperGeek provide a full range of computer repair services for individual home users and businesses in North St Marys (NSW). Our technicians provide mobile onsite computer repairs and support. If you consider the loss of productivity associated with taking a computer to a repair centre, it makes so much more sense to use an onsite computer service. SuperGeek can assist with anything from general computer and laptop maintenance, to hardware and software installation and set-up. Hardware refers to any piece of equipment used to create a personal computer. Monitors, power supply, keyboards and motherboards are all considered to be hardware. The motherboard, a main PC component, is a large rectangular board located inside the computer case. It consists of complex integrated circuitry connecting other components of the computer.

North St Marys Computer Support for PCs and Apple Computers

SuperGeek technicians provide professional computer support to home computer users and small businesses. Technicians can provide multiple services including system management, one time call outs, disaster recovery, and the installation of internet security programs. Internet security refers to all provisions and policies in place that prevent and monitor unauthorised access, misuse and modification. With internet security in place, network administrators are able to manage, protect and oversee all operations taking place. Network administrators control who accesses information and programs and the associated data. Internet security measures are used by public and private computer networks. We can help with:

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Let us know what your problem is, our no-nonsense approach to computer repairs have helped thousands of computer users and businesses in NSW for over 15 years.