Microsoft Calling?

We have received a few calls from customers lately asking us about the validity of a phone call they had just got.

microsoft scamThe person calls and says they are from Microsoft or Telstra and that your computer is infected with viruses and they need to take action on it.

If you continue with their instructions, they will most likely get you to click on START, put in “event vwr” and press enter.

They will get you to scroll through an error log to show you all the infections you have and will ask you to pay a small amount to get an anti-virus to remove it.

They then get you to open an internet site (something like “”).

This is a scam, the website you open will give the caller remote access to your computer and they can go through whatever they like.

Microsoft support doesn’t call people.

If you think that this has happened to you, call SuperGeek and we’ll make sure you are fully protected

The video below is a scam shown in full