Modem / ADSL / Cable Installation and Setup

Setting up your internet shouldn’t involve bribing your neighbour or lazy stepson into doing it for you. Let the Supergeeks save the day with their superhuman skills.

Super geeks specialise in Modem Installation and Setup for your home or office internet connection, so you don’t have to worry which cable goes into which box, they sort it out for you. We also offer ADSL Installation and setup for when you need super fast internet over your phone line. ADSL1 OR ADSL2? It doesn’t matter! They can figure it all out. Super Geeks can also help you with Cable Installation and Setup, so you know you’re covered once Australia finally has access to our national broadband network.

You’ll be accessing the internet faster than a Super Geek’s speeding bullet! Whatever your internet woes, never fear, Supergeek is here.