The Best Things on Ebay are Free?

eBay is a great marketplace to get a good deal from a fellow internet user or virtual store. The question of should you be buying a 100 packs of hot dog buns from someone in South Korea is thankfully not often asked; something which eBay thrives upon. While most items such as hot dog buns […]

4 Dramatic Ways Viruses can Affect your Outlook

Each day when you go out to the internet and be the best damn net denizen you can be, you run the risk of catching viruses. It’s OK. The internet is an amazing place and the rewards far outweigh the risks, but it’s important to realise that there are people out there whose sole lifes […]

7 Tips to Herculean Strength Passwords

Your passwords are the keys to your digital kingdom and they’re secure because they’re stored only in your mind grapes and not on a piece of paper in your pocket or on the side of your monitor. So unlike normal keys, passwords are a pleasure to lug around, even in tight jeans and are only […]

Mobile Computer Repair – The Usual Suspects

Computers may seem pretty simple, but that is because a lot of effort has gone into making them easy to use (hopefully). Which means we don’t need to know the complex workings of our computers to reap the benefits of them, that is until something goes wrong.

Office 365: A Business Survival Game Changer

Office 365 is the latest Office Offering from Microsoft. It takes everything that you loved and learned from previous Office incarnations and puts it in the cloud, accessible anywhere, on any device. But what does that mean exactly? It means that Office 365 has now become a survival staple for navigating the business environment.

Does your Computer Need a Touch Up?

SuperGeek are perfect for the job. On Friday the 13th of June 2014 two SuperGeeks, Michael Wilson and Colin Adams fought in a charity boxing match to raise money for the Brisbane Children’s Hospital. They each had a rigorous training regime coming up to the night, not including the hours they spent playing boxing computer […]

Cloudy with a Chance of Office 365

If you’re job involves processing words, tabling numbers or presenting words and numbers (82.3% of Australians*(Not a real statistic, but surely it’s close to the mark!)), chances are you’ve been using Microsoft Office to do it. If you’ve been at it for years then you’ve no doubt become so adroit at its use, that you […]

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a Device

When it comes to choosing a new computer or device you can easily spend hours pouring over the minute details of long specification lists. “This one has 400,001 pixel whereas this other one has 400,002.” Which is great, until you start waking up from restless sleeps over and over again, asking yourself in a panic […]

6 Practical Dangers of Transcendence

The recent film “Transcendence” starring Johnny Depp, explores the idea of transhumanism; improving on the human condition through the symbiosis of human flesh and technology. Don’t worry, there won’t be any spoilers here in case you haven’t seen it, as we haven’t either. But from the trailer we can glean that Johnny Depp’s character’s consciousness […]

Top 5 Ways to Stop Wasting Time on the Internet

The internet is a great place for finding out information that can help us in our day to day, but what may start out as a practical check on the barometric pressure 12 storeys above sea level, can quickly turn into clicking through endless picture galleries that compare popular actor’s body shapes to the different […]

4 Practical Ways to Deal with Computer Viruses

The internet is full of wonderful things that help you in your everyday existence, spreading joy and love across the land. But just like fables of old: where there is light there must also be darkness, locked in eternal battle for your computer’s spirit. The darkness in relation to computers commonly takes the form of […]

4 Device Hygiene Tips

We’ve come a long way in a short time with technological advancement, but unfortunately as we come to use devices like smartphones in more and more facets of our lives, we’re starting to lag when it comes to their associated hygiene, perhaps because it’s not something that has been ingrained in our upbringings. We can […]

5 Burning Questions on Remote Help

Just because you’re a shut-in who lives in an hermetically sealed house, doesn’t mean you can’t receive technical computer support. I’m not talking about a technician wearing a hazmat suit climbing over mountains of discarded pizza boxes to do it either. Remote help allows for a technician to access your computer via the internet and […]

4 Things to Consider About Surge Protectors

The human body uses electricity to control signals between cells at about 0.1 volts, if you’ve ever been electrocuted by sticking a fork in the power socket and receiving a mighty 240 volts (2400 times more), you would know first hand that excess power is not fun, or possibly you don’t know as premature death […]

Top 5 excuses to get a new device

Sure, you don’t really need an excuse when it comes to buying a new smartphone or tablet, you’re the one who earns the money, you should be able to spend it as you see fit. Still let’s suspend reality and discuss this as if you do need an excuse or convincing argument to buy an […]

Celebrating the Life of Windows XP

Since April 8th 2014 Microsoft has stopped providing support for Windows XP. This means no security updates which has a lot of the people still running XP also running scared. There’s only one thing you can do to feel safe again and that is upgrade to either Windows 7 or 8, which depending on the […]

6 Computer Habits That Could End Your Marriage

Outside of child birth, marriage is one of the biggest steps you can make in your life, but unfortunately some people don’t fully consider what that union really means. Sure everyone knows you have to share your life with them, but no one mentioned anything about having to share your computer, that wasn’t in the […]

Taken 3 – Ransomware – Exclusive

In the first Taken film in the series Liam Nesson plays Bryan Mills, a man whose daughter is taken while on holiday in Paris, there is a rumour however that the plot was originally based on his daughter’s data being taken as seen in the unreleased poster below. However at the time the movie studio […]

5 Deadly Reasons to Read the Warranty Policy

Most times it is a legal requirement for a business selling a product to include a warranty policy, even if the policy just states that there really is no warranty. However this is not always true for items purchased from the back of lorries, though some enterprising car boot salesman are beginning to offer warranties […]

6 Things you Didn’t Know About SuperGeeks

SuperGeeks aren’t just regular geeks, through extensive training and years of experience problem solving computer issues, they have developed special skills to aid them in computer repair, see how you stack up against them. SuperGeeks in the Wild Fortunately the Discovery Channel filmed a short documentary on the majestic creature that is the SuperGeek. Nervous […]