Office 365: A Business Survival Game Changer

Office 365 is the latest Office Offering from Microsoft. It takes everything that you loved and learned from previous Office incarnations and puts it in the cloud, accessible anywhere, on any device. But what does that mean exactly? It means that Office 365 has now become a survival staple for navigating the business environment.

Check out this recent episode of Man Vs Office where Byte Grylls was dropped into a random office, and had to yet again rely heavily on Office 365.

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Here are some other great Office 365 features that make it a must have for business.


You might have a few employees that have bonds with fellow colleagues, that are so strong that they finish each others sentences. While this is cute in the cafeteria at lunch, it isn’t very productive when they try to write proposals together, as keyboards just weren’t meant for more than one person to operate at a time. Luckily thanks to Office’s new feature SharePoint; which grants multiple users simultaneous read and write access to a document, they can now finish each other sentences from anywhere in the world, without sacrificing productivity.


Say you’re a kidnapper, and you’ve been asked to show proof of life, just one of the many labourious administration tasks that plague your business. With Office 365’s new feature called Lync; which allows for instant messaging as well as audio and video calls from inside Office, you can now show proof of life and carry out negotiations, all whilst continuing to work on your accounting excel spreadsheet calculating this years depreciation on your blacked out van.

File Sharing

Say you’ve just been put in a tough spot. There’s an armed nuclear weapon in the stationary cupboard counting down. You don’t know who put it there, office radicals who want nothing less than the eradication of post-it notes from the face of the earth.

No one else in the office is willing to go near it due to OH&S concerns, so as the office maverick you’re the only one who can disarm it. Unfortunately though your main forte is accounts receivable, not bomb disarmament. However you have managed to get in contact with a bomb disposal expert who has a schematic detailing how to disarm the bomb in a jpeg image, and luckily thanks to Office’s new integrated file sharing, they can instantly share it with you in time for you to diffuse the bomb.

Simplifies your IT

With Office 365 for Business, there are simple to use online administration tools which allow for the addition or removal of users in minutes. What this means is that you can react quickly to any scenario such as staff changes. It also means that you can show your displeasure with an employee by taking away their Office privileges for the afternoon.

“No! I told you if I caught you on Facebook there’d be repercussions young lady!”

It also automatically updates itself, and you don’t have to pay anything extra to get the latest version, there’s no joke there, that’s just cool.


Office comes with a service level agreement offering 99.9 percent up-time, which means Microsoft will compensate customers financially if that guarantee isn’t met. Here’s an example which puts the 99.9% into real world perspective.

Over the course of your relationship with a friend, if you arrange to meet up 1000 times, you can only bail on them once before becoming less reliable than office 365. That’s pretty hard to live up to, even with your BFF you will have left them holding one movie stub too many, at some point in your life.

So obviously the take away from this is make Office 365 your new BFF. Don’t worry about your old BFF, once you present the statistics along with a few choice photos of you standing alone at a range of social functions, they’ll understand.

Note: Microsoft doesn’t mention this aspect in any of their promotional material, so do so at your own risk.

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