Taken 3 – Ransomware – Exclusive


In the first Taken film in the series Liam Nesson plays Bryan Mills, a man whose daughter is taken while on holiday in Paris, there is a rumour however that the plot was originally based on his daughter’s data being taken as seen in the unreleased poster below. However at the time the movie studio didn’t think audiences were ready for such a plot, but since the rise of ransomware attacks in the news and public awareness the original plot is being recovered and used in the third film in the franchise Taken 3.


For those who aren’t aware Ransomware is a strain of trojan horse in which the virus accesses your computer and encrypt your data so you cannot access it. At this time you then receive a message from your ransomers, who are so lazy they don’t even take the time to write it with magazine and newspaper clipped letters, asking for money in return for your precious data. Don’t worry knowing that isn’t a spoiler for the film.

Liam Nesson is set to reprise his role as a man who, as all hardcore Taken fans will know, has a very particular set of skills; skills he has acquired over a very long career, which apparently included data recovery. Physical data recovery that is, which in this instance we’re not talking SuperGeek style physical data recovery with hard drive platters or microchips, more the punching, kicking and shooting variety of recover data. Still it’s been a long time coming for a lead actor in a Hollywood action film to show off some data recovery skills instead of merely relying on their nerdy sidekick to jump in.

In the first film his daughter was taken and he got a bit annoyed, in the second film his wife got taken, again he got annoyed, maybe even a little frustrated given it was happening again, in the third movie though when his data gets taken he understandably goes fully nuts. They are going to regret even thinking about taking his holiday snaps from Thailand.


In the first movie there was a high level of punching, kicking, jumping, shooting and grappling, and that isn’t going to change for the next movie, if anything it will increase, involving even more punching,. kicking, jumping, shooting and grappling, this time with data, or at the very least whilst holding a USB stick. Which makes it no surprise that this film is setting new records in terms of budget for the number of USB devices destroyed in a single scene.

The film studio has been doing a lot of work though to allay fears, and has assured everyone that no data will harmed in the making of the film. Still accidents happen so we should prepare ourselves.

Check out this video for tips on how to protect you and your family from ransomware.

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