The iPhone 5 – renovation instead of innovation

The iPhone 5 - renovation instead of innovation

There had been big calls from industry experts around the iPhone 5, with even bigger concept images of reportedly ‘leaked’ but technologically impossible features, like holographic interfaces and overly super slim design.

So now the iPhone 5 has launched, which changes have been for the best? Or the worst?

Larger screen
The iPhone 5 screen is only marginally larger with the width staying the same, only becoming longer. The width has stayed the same, so your thumb can reach across the entire screen. Ergonomics is a major design pillar for Apple, it has everything to do with user experience and human factors.
The new design is 18% thinner and 20% lighter, which is more like a renovation than than the true innovation we’ve come to know from Apple.

4G and Dual band 802.11n
4G technology, the next evolution in 3G telecommunications, is only in its infancy but an inevitable development. Speeds can vary between 2 to 40Mb/sec, around three times faster than current 3G technology. This means faster and better quality video and music downloads, HD call quality and faster internet access for applications. Cloud services, such as iCloud, will also be vastly improved.

A6 Chip
Apple have shifted their focus from innovation toward refining their products into sleeker, lighter and faster products. The A6 chip is a powerful processor that’s incredibly power efficient, which means longer talk time and time browsing the internet. It’s twice as fast as the previous A5 chip and you can read about Moore’s Law, which states processor power has doubled every two years for the past 20 years.

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