Top 5 excuses to get a new device


Sure, you don’t really need an excuse when it comes to buying a new smartphone or tablet, you’re the one who earns the money, you should be able to spend it as you see fit. Still let’s suspend reality and discuss this as if you do need an excuse or convincing argument to buy an expensive new device.

It Goes with your New Hand

When you hold your device your hands will be on display just as much as the device, so you need to make sure they look good too. You definitely need to check out the awesome new products from Techknuckle Solutions.

Better screen

Screen size can’t really improve unless you’re willing to get bigger pockets, but the resolution can still improve. Now you may have a really good screen on your device, but it’s probably only discernibly good. The new device you’re looking at has a screen with such a high resolution, its quality isn’t even discernible by human sight. Now that is something that everyone should have, because when they say discernible that’s a lie, because when your friends see it, (not the screen but the whole phone) they will definitely be able to discern that your screen is discernibly better than theirs.

Storage Space

Whatever amount of memory your current device has, you need more, even if it’s 128 GB, then you need a microSD expansion slot for another 128GB. How else are you going to bootleg the next Hobbit movie on boxing day in 4K? If they believe this one then you might even be able to get away with asking for two of them so you can film it in 3D.

Load Time

Life is short, you can’t be expected to wait an extra 0.3 seconds, every time you want to check Facebook. Over the course of the next year that could add up to nearly an hour, Sure it will take a good chunk out of your weekly wage to afford the new device but… think about the medical fees that will be alleviated by reducing your anxiety related to your device not loading quickly enough.

Your Old Phone Just Broke

Now this is the most powerful excuse out there. If it happens naturally all the better, but annoyingly so many of these phone just seem to keep going and going even when you don’t want them to. If I hadn’t thrown my iPhone 3s off a bridge I’d still be stuck with it. So while this excuse is basically a guarantee to get a new device, it isn’t one to be carried out by the squeamish, because as you stand over your old phone with a brick held aloft in your hand, it’s not uncommon to start to get nostalgic about all the good times you’ve had with it. The only thing to remember is that your partner might get suspicious if your phone keeps breaking on the exact day a new model comes out.

Disclaimer: SuperGeek makes no guarantees that if you break your phone that you will get a new one, not unless that is one of the wishes that you asked of your genie.

You Found a Great Deal

It’s hard to go past getting a new device or upgrading your computer if you find a great deal! So if you’re looking for a great deal on a delivered, installed, setup and networked device, then check out our offerings in the SuperGeek Shop.

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