Why Cloud Storage For PC Owners

Why Cloud Storage For PC Owners

Cloud storage. It sounds a bit, well, nebulous. Cloud storage is nothing to be feared. It’s the way of the future, and only those with a wilful desire to waste time (that’s me, too, ordinarily) will avoid the many benefits of cloud storage.

Say you’re slaving away at the office on a warm sunny Monday afternoon. There’s four more days chained to the desk before the weekend. You’re overcome by an urgent need to hear your favourite song. You decide, why not spend $1.99 on iTunes for the privilege of having it on your iPhone.

Without Cloud storage, if you want to access the song on your PC at home, you’ll have to plug in your phone to your PC and download it that way. With Cloud storage, it will be instantly downloaded to any device you choose. No messing around. It’s actually a tech phobe’s dream. I’m sure we’ve all spent many unhappy hours trying to work out how to transfer data from our phones to our computers or vice versa.

What are the other advantages of cloud storage for PC users? It negates the need for hard drives or any other physical storage device. You can be secure in the knowledge that should one device fail, cloud storage ensures that your other devices will contain all the same data. Cloud storage is also much cheaper than using electronic data storage. It requires no installation and never needs replacing. You can store much larger volumes of information using cloud storage than electronic storage. Storing a lot of information on a high capacity electronic storage device requires money, complex back up systems, need to be installed and managed by people, and take up space.

If you’re a PC user like me, once you’ve wrapped your head around the concept of cloud storage, you won’t look back. In every way, cloud storage just makes more sense. And your music and files can be anywhere you want them to be. What’s not to love?