Wireless Technology: How does it work?

Wireless technologyOne of the joys of getting new technology is the diminishing need for cords and wires. Wireless technologies are all based on the same idea, with a few small differences. Information is relayed wirelessly using from one point to another using various types of signals. Some communicate over large distances, while others over small distances.

Here are some of the key wireless technologies you probably already use in your everyday life.

Bluetooth is a very popular wireless technology because it can transmit lots of information very quickly. The only draw back of Bluetooth is that is can only communicate over a maximum distance of about 10 meters. You will find Bluetooth in many devices; but mainly in computers and mobile phones, because they allow us to pair other devices to them, such as microphones, keyboards or mice. They’re reliable and really fast.

WiFi stands for wireless fidelity and is used mainly for home wireless networking because of its fast transmission speeds. It works in a similar way to Bluetooth, but works over a much larger radius. As a result, Wi Fi devices require a lot more power than Bluetooth. Wi Fi can also have a number of security protocols placed over it, making it more secure method for transmitting important information or when there is lots of it.

3G and 4G
You’ve probably heard these terms on TV or in your phone shop, and they work similar to the way your TV picks up a TV signal. It’s likely that if you have a mobile phone , it operates on a 3G network. The ‘G’ stands for generation, as the technology improves and becomes faster, we need to give it a different name. Wireless mobile phone technology tends to be a bit slower, because it covers a larger area and a greater number of devices.

Infrared technology has been in use for a long time! If you have a TV remote, or any type of remote for heating and cooling in your home, it’s likely that it transmits information though infrared. Infrared only need a very small amount of power to run, but can only transmit very basic commands to another point or device. It’s also restricted to fairly short distances.

So there you have it, a basic run-down of wireless technology. We have you’ve found it informative.